Artistic Biography of Mikhail Vorobyov

Date of birth: May 8, 1961

Mikhail Vorobyov’s parents were scientists. Attended Moscow School of Fine Arts at Surikov Moscow Art Institute.

From 1980 to 1986 he attended Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, the department of painting, workshop of T.T. Salakhov.

From 1982 Mikhail Vorobyov regularly participated at all union and republican international exhibits.

From 1989 member of the Artist Union of the Russian Federation.

1990 studied in the New York Art Academy (USA).

1990 participated in the exhibit of Soviet art in Nashville, TN.

1990 participated in the exhibit of young artists in Dare-Es-Salam, Tansania.

1990 one man show on Broadway, New York.

1992 personal exhibit in New York City, USA.

1992 one man show in Vienna, Austria.

1993 personal exhibit at United Nations Secretariat, New York, USA.

1994 participated in «Art Expo» International exhibit, Jacob Javitz Center, New York, USA

1994 one man show at City of Sommers, Connecticut, USA.

1994 participated in the exhibit «Artists of Eastern Europe» at the Art Museum of Long Island, USA.

1994 participated in the exhibit at the West Hampton Gallery, Long Island, USA.

1995 participated in the exhibit Russian House of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

1996 one man show at Kuznetskiy Most Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

1997 personal exhibit at Art Style Gallery at the hotel Ukraine, Moscow, Russia.

1997 one man show at GASPROM Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1997 personal exhibit at MOSTRANSGAS

1998 one man show at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


1998 personal exhibit at IBM, Moscow

1999 winner of the Moscow Government Contest on urban development sites. Creator of the project «Moscow Yards»

1999 exhibit at the InterArt Gallery, Long Island, USA.

2000 one man show at Kuntsevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2001 personal exhibit at Polish Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia.

2002 became a member of the Union of Art Designers of Russia

2002 anniversary personal exhibit at the museum of Decorative and Applied Art, Moscow, Russia. Mikhail Vorobyov’s paintings are present at the museum as part of permanent exposition.

From 2009 Mikhail Vorobyov became a resident of Cite-Desarts, Paris, France.

2010 participant of the Gallery ART-ARAKOSKY Finland

From 2014 participant of the exhibit «Plainair in Vilnius» Lithuania.

2015 exhibit at RIA-NOVOSTI, Moscow, Russia

2016 exhibit and auction at the Moscow VDNH

2016 one man show «55 — Mikhail Vorobyov» at the Moscow Art Society, Moscow

2017 personal New Year exhibit at the Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia.

2018 one man show at the Gallery ART-ARAKOSKY, Finland.

2019 personal exhibit «30 years at Moscow Artist Union» Moscow, Russia.

2019 personal exhibit «Different Point of View» at Gelikon — Opera, Moscow, Russia

The artist’s painting can be found at private collections and museum of the USA, Austria, Australia, Finland and Russia. The painting are purchased by the Australian Ambassador in Russia.

Other than painting the artist works as furniture designer, art design of parks and gardens and also stain glass creations.

Awarded : «850 years of Moscow Anniversary» medal, certificate of Moscow Designer Union. Received an award from the Mayor of Moscow for achievements for the project «Moscow Yard Metamorphosis». Mikhail Vorobyov has numerous publications in various interior design magazines.